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Weekly Pacman Prize Tournament

Our weekly Pacman tournament runs from Midnight Sunday UTC to 9pm Sunday UTC the following week.

The top 10 leaderboard all win prizes based on their position.

The prize is the entire volume of tokens that we brought back from the market with our buyback tax each week, so the higher the volume, the higher the prizes.

To enter you MUST enter your telegram @ name or your discord name including # number as your name when you enter your high score, no exceptions. 

Any unclaimed prizes by Wednesday of each week will be added back into the prize pool for the next weeks tournament.

The prize breakdown is (percentage of buyback wallet):

1st - 40%

2nd - 25%

3rd - 15%

4th - 5%

5th - 4%

6th - 3%

7th - 2%

8th - 2%

9th - 2%

10th - 2%

High Scores - updated 12:00pmUTC 27th Feb

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